Portable Battery Powered MINI USB Electric Soldering Iron

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SQ-D60 MINI USB Electric Soldering Iron

12-24V Digital Display Portable Intelligent Constant Temperature

This is a small & portable battery-powered soldering iron that packs a big punch. It comes in a compact & tough carry case so you can have all the soldering accessories you need on hand in case of a technical glitch in the field.

You can run this iron from a lipo battery or use the supplied power pack for running from mains. It is very versatile and a must-have piece of kit for those big esk8 adventures.

The perfect item for your electric skateboarding tool kit!

This could be the difference between getting to your destination or being stranded miles from home.


Packing list:
1 x SQ-D60B Controller
1 x Soldering Iron Tip 
1 x Conversion Line
1 x Soldering Iron Stand
1 x XT60 Power Cable 
1 x lead-free solder wire
1 x Paste flux
1 x Tin absorbing wire
1 x MINI Tool Bag
1 x Power Supply