TITAN-X55 | High Performance Electric Skateboard Motor

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Have you been looking for an Electric Skateboard motor offering High Performance, Premium Materials, Toughness by design, and bold styling?

With the ALL-NEW Titan-X55 motors you get that & more!

The Titan-X Series of High-Performance Electric Skateboard Motors, are battle-hardened on the inside & titanium tough on the outside. Inside the motors are Fortified Core Components, over-molded by polyepoxide polymer. On the outside is a Toughened, Corrosion & Abrasion Resistant, Titanium Jacket.

Titan-X55 Key Specifications & Features

  • Compatible with FOCBOX® & VESC® Motor Controllers 
  • Battle Hardened inside
  • Titanium Rotor
  • AMASS MR60 Connector
  • Hall Sensors built-in
  • Thermal Sensor built-in
  • 170KV
  • 14 Poles
  • Peak power up to 4kW (E.g. 14S @ 77AMPS)
  • 44mm Bolt Hole Pattern 
  • 55mm Body Length
  • 63mm Body Diameter
  • 10mm Hardened Stainless Steel Shaft



Titan-X Series motors are compatible with high voltage batteries & field weakening technology delivering top speed performance at maximum efficiency.

Get Titan-X55 motors to make setting up your new esk8-powertrain fast & easy. When paired with Focbox, Titan-X55 Motors are Plug & Play, thanks to the preinstalled AMASS MR60 Phase wire connectors.

The AMASS MR60 is highly recommended and used by top ESK8 Builders, Now you can experience the convenience and reliability of this awesome connector without the hassle of soldering. 


Download INCLUDED FREE with your purchase of Titan-X motors

We recommend buying the TITAN-X55 motors with the Focbox Tenka

The feature-packed Titan-X55 Series motors are highly sophisticated, robust & reliable, and with up to 4kw peak power are guaranteed to deliver ground thumping ball tearing torque strong enough to leave marks in your undies.