Xenith Compact Digital Multimeter

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As an electric skateboard owner, you will need some basic troubleshooting skills and some basic tools if you want to keep your board working in a safe & functional condition.
A multimeter is probably one of the most common & useful tools to have. Especially if you are doing DIY electric skateboard building. At any given moment you may experience a technical glitch that prevents you from completing your build or riding your board.
Maybe there is a wire that is shorted out in the motor? Or perhaps the battery isn't providing the correct voltage? These are simple but common faults that you need to be able to identify on your own.
Without a compact digital multimeter handy, these simple & common faults might mean your awesome electric skateboard becomes a doorstop! 
If a fault occurs and you don't have the necessary tools on hand to identify & rectify the issue you might be forced to pay costly freight charges to ship your board away or pay a technician a service fee to help diagnose your problems remotely.
If you have your own multimeter you can quickly solve most electrical problems that may have occurred with your electric skateboard.


Main Features:  
Compact & Robust case design with blue accent.
Auto/manual ranges 
True RMS 
550V protection in Resistance, Capacitance and Frequency ranges 
Large LCD display, MAX display 9999 counts  
Sample rate: 3 times per second 
Relative measurement 
Data hold 
Polarity identification 
Low voltage indication 
Square wave output 
9.999A high current and low current measurement 
Auto power off  
Main measurements: 
AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode and Continuity Testing, Frequency and duty cycle.