Focbox Unity & Tenka Programming Software & Apps

The Focbox Unity & Tenka Dual Motor Controller is natively supported in the core VESC® firmware. The Focbox Unity & Tenka is fully compatible with the VESC® tool on android.
However, If you prefer the simplicity of the FOCBOX UI tools we recommend that you don't go past firmware version 23.46 as it is the last supported firmware compatible with those tools.
You can use these tools with your Focbox.
NOTE: If you go past firmware version 23.46 you won't be able to use those apps above & you will instead need to use the VESC® tool below, these below tools will also allow you to go to firmware 5.xx and above as they get released.
NOTE: There are many other 3rd party apps that are also compatible with the Focbox.
5. Metr
  • Massive Stator doesn't support firmware versions past 23.46
  • Updating firmware past 23.46 can brick your device
  • The latest firmware may have bugs that lead to unexpected events that may result in injury or death.
  • Tenka does not have Bluetooth standard, so cannot be used with wireless programming tools. You can add-on Bluetooth for wireless programmability.

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